Working for the Weekend

October 16, 2006 at 4:55 pm (knitting, oliver, Work in Progress)

I have FOs to show for my weekend, I really do. I have a completed Apple Cake, a well-exercised doggy, a clean kitchen floor and a roasted chicken. Sometimes life gets in the way of your knitting. I have found, however, that the knitting has made me much more goal-oriented. I want to get all kinds of crap done so I don’t feel bad about zoning out to the History Channel and working on a hat. Which is what I did post-baking, dog-walking, cleaning and roasting.And here’s what I have to show for it. Odessa’s about 60–70% done, I’m roughly an inch away from the decreases, so about 10 more rows and a trip to the store to buy some size 6 DPNs (the only dpn size I don’t have, wouldn’t you know it . . . grrrr).

Progress on Odessa hat. 

I also cast on for my niece’s V-Neck Cardigan, I’m about 4 inches into the back part. Plain ol’ stockinette for 11 inches . . . snnnnn . .  . what?  . . .  Oh sorry, I just bored myself to sleep. . .  Just kidding. I’ll really buckle down on this one once the Odessa is done. It’s pretty much a gauge swatch right now, since I refuse to swatch for baby-wear. I have to rip back a row too, since I decided it would be a good idea to work on the “plain ol’ stockinette” after having a few cocktails Saturday night. Needless to say the “plain ol’ stockinette” completely defeated me. Knitting after cocktails? Not such a good idea. Lesson learned.

Progress on baby v-neck cardigan.

And on a non-knitting note, something happened that weirded me out a bit. Ollie was acting a little strange last night. He kept trying to hide, under the dining room table, under my knitting chair in the craft room, the stair landing—just like he does when there’s a thunderstorm. I actually said something about it to my husband, I believe my exact words were, “I wonder if there’s going to be an earthquake or something.” Yeah. What do I see this morning? This. I know it’s probably just a coincidence, but creepy, right?



  1. Céline said,

    Those twisting ridges are REALLY nice!

  2. Maureen said,

    Thank you!

  3. Leah said,

    Odessa is quite possibly my favorite hat!! I still haven’t knit one but I adore looking at them!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see yours all finished!

    Good luck with all the STST. I’m feeling the same way about the Cherie sweater from Vintage knits! Snoozeville!

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