Knitting Gods Side with LYS Owners

October 17, 2006 at 8:44 pm (knitting, Work in Progress, Yarn)

This is what I get for buying Christmas-present yarn at A.C. Moore. Knitting Fever Peru DK’s 20 yards less than Rowan Cashsoft DK has screwed me.Progress on Odessa hat.

**sob** See that? I’m out of yarn! With only 12 decrease rows to go!

So I go again to A.C. Moore at lunch to pick up another ball of the Peru DK, which I’m not sure is the same color lot, because I threw away the ball band, which must have just tempted fate. It’s not so bad though, because I figure I have to get my size 6 DPNs. But they were all out of size 6 DPNs. All of them! No Clovers, no Susan Bates—not even the ridiculously priced Lion Brand plastic ones. And only the size 6’s were missing. Every other size was there. Grrrrr . . . . . So to make an already too long story short, I did get the other ball of yarn, of which I will probably use approximately two yards, and I did manage to get some DPNs, although I had to go to another store and ended up with aluminum, not my favorite bamboo. Gah! Hopefully I can post an FO of this hat tomorrow, which will make everything better.

Sorry for the grumpiness today—it’s oogy out and I’m convinced that the universe is out to get me today, by tiny little increments of annoyingness. I’ll be better tomorrow, I promise!!


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