On Knitting for the Wee Ones

October 19, 2006 at 3:53 pm (Inspiration, knitting, Work in Progress)

So I’m cruising through the Debbie Bliss V-Neck Cardigan. I’ve finished the back and one of the front panels and should be able to wrap up the rest of it by this weekend (hopefully). Although, once I’ve finished the parts I have to seam it (yikes) and pick up stitches for the ribbed collar (bigger yikes), two things I’ve never done.

 V-NeckCard Halfway

Here’s my uber-exiting progress shot, since I’m about halfway through.

I’m finding that I’m really enjoying the baby knitting—it goes so fast. And let’s face it—baby knits are just damn cute. Since I do have the most adorable niece in the world (of course I’m not partial or anything) I’ve scouted out some patterns for future birthdays/landmark occasions. I’m assuming that not everyone is obsessive enough to have looked at every single pattern in the Knitty archive, but lucky for those baby knitters out there, I am. Knitty has a treasury of cute patterns, I must say. My favorites:


Ok, how freakin’ cute is that. It’s Anouk by Kate Gilbert. It includes directions on how to do the little pockets with duplicate stitch or intarsia, if you’re feeling spicy.


Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff. This would be nice in Knitpicks Main Line, which I’ve found to be a great sub for Rowan Wool Cotton (I’m using it on my Sesame, which is on hold until the X-Mas knitting is done—if I can restrain myself). What a great way to attempt aran knitting in a much less intimidating size.

And finally, if you have a hankering for picots . . .


This is just a beautiful baby, first of all. I’m not one of those women whose uterus is ticking (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I totally want to snuggle this one. Back on subject, this is Miss Dashwood by Heather Ramsay. This is a definite must knit for my niece, although the picots scare me a bit.

So that’s it. I’m so glad it’s Thursday and the week is winding down. Hopefully I’ll be able to clean up our craft room a bit to make room for some blocking action. Then I’ll actually be able to show you my Flower Petal Shawl and Ropes and Cables Scarf, which are done, I swear, they just need finishing.

Oh, and thanks so much to those people who have commented. The comments you receive make blogging so enjoyable—you put yourself out there for the world (at least the knitting corner of the world) to see, and you’re rewarded with such encouragement and warmth. It just makes my day.


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  1. Leah said,

    I hate seaming (though it’s not hard I just hate it) and picking up stitches is irksome as well but again, not tough. I love the color of the cardi. I can’t wait to see it all done!

    Those baby knits are so cute! The hat is my fave. I love a baby in a sun hat! 🙂

    Picots are super easy!! Did you see lolly’s post with the tutorials on them this week?

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