A Little Twisted (and a Finished Object too)

October 26, 2006 at 4:30 pm (FO)

Knitting. A craft that for so many conjures images of grandmothers and little old biddies. So why are there so many parallels between knitting and vice? Yarn porn, Stash Enhancement Expedition,  the Yarn Harlot—and those are just the lusty ones. How about gluttony (overbuying yarn you don’t need), sloth (the yarn taketh over the craft room), pride (my socks are better than your socks), envy (her socks are better than my socks) and greed (I’m buying all the Koigu so no one else can have it). The only one not definitely covered here is wrath, unless you’re into knitting voodoo dolls, of course.

The more modern vice that I find my knitting most often parallels is addiction. So while with good intentions I carefully made up my Christmas knitting list, checked it twice and posted it for extra accountability—I have already cheated. I am ashamed. I’m a slave to my drug of choice, the small project. I needed a quick fix to break up the monotony that is the Christmas scarf. And my hands were cold, damn it.

Little Twisted Hand.

Pattern: Little Twist Armwarmers by Wendi Dunlap
Source: “Worthware” pattern from Slumberland.org
Materials: Knitpicks Swish (100% Superwash Wool) in Coast Grey, 1 skein; Brittany Birch DPNs, Size 8
Started: October 25, 2006
Completed: October 26, 2006

Like I said, I needed a quick fix, and I’ve wanted to make some armwarmers for a while now. These are really fast—I’m not a quick knitter and I knocked these out in about six hours. I like the fact that the thumb gusset is easy, just a few increases and then a bind off, and the single twist cables keep things interesting. The pattern was well-written and very clear, which is great if you’re a beginning knitter. The only change I made was to twist my purl stitches when I rejoined after binding off the thumb gusset, to avoid a big gap. And if you haven’t already tried it, I’d recommend cabling without a needle on these. It’s really easy with just the two stitches you’re cabling, and one less pointy thing to mind while using DPNs is a very good thing. The Knitpicks Swish is nice stuff—very soft and it didn’t really split no matter how many I jammed my needle into it when executing the M1.  I’d definitely use it again—although I’ve read on the blogs that even though it’s supposed to be a Superwash, the row gauge changes drastically when you machine dry it. Something to keep in mind.

Little Twisted Both.

Fun, fast and easy. Great for Christmas presents I’m sure, or if you’re a selfish sinner like me, a very satisfying quick fix. 🙂



  1. Jen said,

    Great post!

    I totally understand the need for a quick fix. I just put down some larger projects to make a fun little penguin off of knitty last night. It’s so gratifying to have something finished in one or two days! I think sometimes that’s the motivation you need to get back to that giant project (or projects!) that loom around on the needles. 😀

  2. Karin said,

    Cute handwarmers! I always cable w/o the needle. Much faster.

  3. Wendi said,

    I’m glad you liked the pattern! You are right about twisting the purls after the gusset — I should have done that as well. I know there tends to be a bit of a hole there.

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