We Have A Knitter Down . . .

November 8, 2006 at 9:26 pm (oliver)

Oliver's Snooze

I’m starting this post with a gratuitous cute puppy shot. Awww . . . .he folds into carry-on size!

The puppy shot is to distract you from the fact that I have no knitting news to share with you. Well, maybe a little: I started a sock and made some progress on the Irish Hiking scarf. But really, nothing all that interesting. Plus I can’t really knit right now, and that’s depressing me. Why can’t you knit, you ask? Well, I fell down and went boom.

That’s right, I fell down my stairs.

I was calling Ollie to come upstairs to bed last night and heard him barking and whining downstairs. So, I went to run downstairs to see what was wrong. In retrospect, I was moving way too fast and wearing socks on hardwood floors. Not smart. So, once I got to the stairs I did one of those zzzziiiiipppp . . . . ooooooh! airborne moves and fell. Hard. All the way down nine stairs and slammed into the wall at the landing.

Anyway. When I fell I jammed my right hand and now it’s a little painful to knit. Nothing’s broken or anything, I mean, obviously I can type. It’s just bruised, but still. Hurts! To knit! Sigh . . .

Moral of this story? Don’t run in the house. Yes, your mom was right. Especially when you have hardwood floors and you’re wearing socks. And especially if you’re a Virgo and Mercury is in retrograde. Seriously.



  1. frecklegirl jess said,

    Oh man, I have done the exact same thing on the stairs going into our kitchen! Ouchie.

    A heating pad can heal all kinds of wounds- not that it would be that realistic to use on your hand… hmm.

    The FBS is just gorgeous…

  2. Leah said,

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you are hurt!! I’m totally clumsy and prone to injury so I feel your pain!

    I hope that you are up to knitting again soon!

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