Secret Secret, I’ve Got a Secret

February 8, 2007 at 11:15 am (Finishing, knitting, Meme, Work in Progress)

Hourglass is done! But then again, not. I did the big try-on last night and I need to rip back the neckline and make it bigger. My gauge is a little tighter than that which the pattern specifies–which is fine, because I like the bit of negative ease it gives the sweater. However I didn’t take that into consideration when I added the few extra yoke decreases to avoid a flashdance neckline. So instead I’m rocking a really tight, not-so-flattering on short people, high neckline. I’ll fix it tonight and hopefully be able to begin tacking down hems by the weekend.

Wicked is coming along nicely, I’m almost done with the yoke decreases, I think I’ll be taking it off the needles tonight to check and see if we’re ready for sleeve separation. It’s going really fast, and I think it’s going to be extremely wearable. Yay! I was going to post a nice progress shot, but after I took the picture I realized that it looks almost exactly the same as the last progress picture, so I’ll spare your bandwith until after I separate for sleeves.

It seems like there’s been a deluge of cute new patterns lately, first the Spring 2007 Interweave looks like it’s going to be a bang-up issue. I especially love the Rib and Cable Tank by Jodi Green and the Keyhole Top by Kate Gilbert. But then when do I ever not like Jodi Green and Kate Gilbert’s patterns! Wendy Bernard of Knit & Tonic also just debuted a new pattern, called Flair. I do believe it is the perfect sweater-coat for spring. I must make this, and soon.


Finally, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Emily for a meme. If you haven’t alread done so, you should check out her blog–she makes some truly beautiful things plus she’s just a really nice person to boot.

Prepare to be shocked and amazed by five secret things about me (well not really, I’m pretty normal, besides the obsessive knitting thing).

1. When I first started knitting I couldn’t figure out how stitch markers didn’t get stuck in the knitting. No joke.

2. My second and third toes are webbed about half-way up on both feet. It’s one of those weird genetic traits that runs in my family–both my sister and my grandfather have/had it. Matt likes to say that it means I’m genetically inferior. He’s joking, of course.

3. Oddly enough, with the webbed toes and all, I’m quite possibly the world’s worst swimmer. I sink like a stone, and quite frankly I can barely doggie paddle. This is not for lack of trying. I took swimming lessons every summer when I was a kid. Yeah. I failed junior lifesaving three times. It was excellent.

4. Not surprisingly with the swimming thing, I’m terrified of open water. I’m not one to have a lot of phobias, I don’t mind heights or snakes or anything, and lakes and ponds don’t bother me. But I can barely wade into the ocean without feeling like I’m going to die via riptide or shark bite, and the world will come to a grinding halt before you will ever see me on a cruise ship.

5. One of my dearest wishes is to visit every single national park in the National Park Service. Matt and I both love to hike, backpack and camp–when we lived near it we used to spend about every summer weekend camping in Shenandoah National Park. And since we’ve moved north, we’ve been trying to plan a week in Acadia. If it happens, I may die of happiness. I’m a simple girl, what can I say. (Oh yeah, keep in mind that to get to Acadia, we’ll have to drive right by the hallowed yarn store Halcyon Yarns. That most definitely will not suck.)

So there you have it, I can’t keep track of which knitters have done this meme or the very similar “6 weird things” version, so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!


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February 4, 2007 at 1:54 pm (knitting, Work in Progress, Yarn)

I’m going to share with you a dirty little secret.


I’ve never been a completely monogamous knitter, but in the last month, my WIPs have gotten completely out of hand. I usually maintain about three or four different items on the needles, any more than that gives me agita. But I think I may be nearing double digits now, and I’m a little scared of my knitting basket. I just can’t stop myself from casting on. I don’t know what it is: Cabin fever? Post-holiday knitting euphoria? Too many yarn sales?

OK, so I’m taking you with me on my scary journey. Ready? OK.

Hourglass Pullover

Hourglass Yoke

This one is at the top of my list. I’ve finally vacated sleeve island for yokesville, and I’ll hopefully finish it this week now that I’m back on track. Hopefully. If I can keep my mitts off the . . .


Wicked Yoke

So, my yarn store? That I love? Had a huuuuge sale. And these four skeins of Cascade 220 in a lovely dark teal just jumped into my basket. It was unreal. Then I got home, promptly downloaded the pattern, and knit the neckband and half the yoke decreases last night. Yeah, this is totally next, I’m in love with this knit.

Anthropologie Capelet

Anthropologie Capelet Yoke

Yeah, I know everyone did this two years ago, but I had bought this Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky a while ago, and what else was I going to do with five skeins of it. Plus, I’ve wanted one of these for a while now. Fingers in my ears, not listening.

Log Cabin Socks

Half Log Cabin

Lest you think I’ve forgotten these, I haven’t. But the chunky weight yarn on size 5 needles causes a lot of pain. So my orphan sock will just have to wait for a sibling a little bit longer until I’m feeling a bit more masochistic.

So that’s not so bad, I guess. But let’s keep in mind that I still have the Trellis Scarf on the needles as well as a random Cable Scarf, Broad Street Mittens, Honeymoon Cami and Sesame cardigan waiting in the wings. Not to mention plans for . . .

Future Perditas

and . . .

A Cardigan for Arwen
Arwen Yarn

Sixteen lovely skeins of Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in Oatmeal Heather.

Woo! Well I feel much better now after confessing my knitting trespasses. It’s only ten WIPS – not too bad. And since I don’t really count the Sesame and Honeymoon, as I’m going to rip them it’s really eight WIPs. Maybe someday I’ll have some nice FOs to show you. Better get to work!

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