Spring Cleaning

April 28, 2007 at 6:24 pm (Finishing, knitting, Work in Progress)

I was a very messy child. I was an even messier adolescent. And, not surprisingly, I was a very messy college student and young adult. Yikes, you should’ve seen my first apartment. But at some point during my twenties, I lost my tolerance for discord. I’m not a neat freak, not by a long shot. But I definitely prefer to keep my environment tidy and clean.

So what the h&*% is going in with my knitting basket. I swear it’s growing new unfinished projects when I’m at work. Either that or Ollie’s grown opposable thumbs and picked up the sticks. Stranger things have happened.

So while I’d generally focus on a Mother’s Day gift and my sister’s birthday gift at this point in the knitting calendar, I’m doing some selfish spring cleaning instead. I want to spend my summer knitting lace, socks, cute little camis and a kick-ass birthday present for my Mom, not stressing over the knitting basket overflow. Commence spring cleaning—here’s the game plan:

Sweater WIPs

Hourglass PulloverI’m serious now—this sucker’s going to be hemmed and blocked by the end of May. It may be too late to wear it, but I want it to be ready for fall before summer starts. It’s just getting ridiculous.

Wicked PulloverIt breaks my heart after the hours of time that went into it, but it needs to be frogged and reknit in a smaller size. I’m still getting the hang of negative ease in my garments. I’m a curvy girl, so baggy sweaters knit at postive or even zero ease do not look good on me.

Anthropologie CapeletI’m not even sure that I’m ever going to wear this, but I don’t know what else I’d ever do with the yarn, and I just want to get the d$%# thing done. I have one more sleeve to go. It’s a chunky knit. It needs to be done already.The problem is that the Size 11 aluminum DPNs I’m using on the sleeves make me want to throw the thing across the room just as soon as I pick it up. It’s like this: I knit one round, get frustrated, sigh, go get a Diet Coke, check my e-mail, come back and sit down to knit another row. Rinse. Repeat. At this rate chunky short sweaters will have gone completely out of style and come back into style by the time I get it done.

WIP Camis

Razor CamiThis actually my starting point for the spring cleaning. I finished the body while on a work-related road trip, and now I just have to finish the back ribbing, knit the straps and finish her off. The problem? I’m not sure if the yarn’s going to hold out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Honeymoon CamiNever heard of ths one right? I started this last summer, pre-blog, didn’t finish it by the time cooler weather came along and summarily lost interest with just one ‘boob’ to go. This is next on the docket after the Razor cami. I’ve tried it on, it fits, and I can’t wait to wear it once it’s done.

Socks and Mitten WIPs

MonkeyDid I tell you I knit a sock last week? Well, I knit a sock last week. This is a great pattern for keeping yourself inspired when your knitting mojo is being sucked away relentlessly by the UFO vaccuum. This is one UFO I’m not worried about finishing. Miss you Monkey Sock, see you in June.

Log CabinEh, I’ll get to this when I get to it. One more sock to go, this is a great travel knit for the fall.

Broad Street MittensIt’s a good thing that Matt won’t even need these until the Fall, because I stalled out where the pattern told me to cast on stitches for the thumb but didn’t tell me how. Alas, I haven’t yet worked up the desire to figure it out myself.

Already in the Frog PondSo long Shedir, Trellis and random cable scarf, we hardly knew ye.

MotivationNow here’s the fun part – IF I can at least knock off the Hourglass, Razor Cami, Honeymoon Cami and AB Capelet, I will dive into this refreshing pool of potentially great knits:

Accidentally on PurposeLelahTivoliCircular Shrug

Accidentally on Purpose from SNBN in Paton’s Grace, Taupe; Lelah from Knitting for Boozehags in TLC Cotton Plus, Spruce; Tube Top-o-rini from Zephyr Style in Blue Sky Organic Cotton, Bone; Tivoli from Magknits in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, Ink; the Circular Shrug in Caron Simply Soft, Ene’s Shawl from Scarf Style in Jaggerspun Zephyr, Emerald; Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave in Jaggerspun Zephyr, White; Acorn Camisole from Interweave in Filatura di Crosa Millefili Fine, Light Coffee; Prairie Tunic from Interweave in Jaeger Siena, Blue Grey; Ribs and Lace camisole from Interweave in Karabella Zodiac, Olive; and not pictured, the Grace pullover as modified by Stephanie in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Smoke.

I can’t wait.



  1. Theresa said,

    That is an exciting line-up!

  2. Kim said,

    OMG, your WIPS are 1) very cool and things I can’t wait to see and 2) PLENTIFUL. God, I am so excited to see all theeeeeeeeeeese!

  3. Emily said,

    Once you start knocking out some of those WIPs just think how good you’ll feel!! You’re so close to being done on a lot of them!

  4. Susan said,

    Get those log cabin socks finished! There my favorite socks of all time. Your WIPS are inspirational but your FO’s will be awesome!!!

  5. isel said,

    Tough love! Good for you.
    You’ll be so happy once you’re done.

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