What’s Old Is New Again

May 12, 2007 at 4:31 pm (Finishing, knitting, oliver, Work in Progress, Yarn)

Earlier this week, I was rifling through my knitting basket (the less used one upstairs) and I came across an old FO that has never seen the light of day. I finished it in the Spring of last year, I think, and never really liked the color. So I pulled out an errant container of RIT dye, and experimented.


FO - Dream Swatch Head Wrap


Dream Swatch Headwrap

I think I’ll actually wear it now, although it is a bit on the rolly side. It’s the Dream Swatch Headwrap by Wendy Bernard in Paton’s Grace, in spearmint, dyed blue. This was my first attempt to dye, and even though my bathroom looked like a smurf exploded in there, I think it turned out pretty well!!

I also wrapped up the Tivoli in Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton this week – here’s a sneak peak at it in its pre-blocked form, I’ll try and put together a full FO post this week.


I also got my Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in Amethyst. I ordered from Kpixie this week since my wonderful LYS was cleaned out, and what fast service! I’ve already cast on for the Clementine Shawlette. I’m really loving this pattern and the yarn is like butter. Yummy.

Clementine Shawlette

This will be perfect travel knitting for the trip next week.

And since someone couldn’t keep their nose out of the photo shoot this afternoon, here’s a few shots of my sweet Oliver. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

OliverDream Swatch HeadwrapDream Swatch HeadwrapOliver


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Saturday Anew

May 5, 2007 at 10:41 am (Finishing, Inspiration, knitting, Work in Progress, Yarn)

Not much to tell, but plenty to show on this bright Saturday morning.


Razor  Cami Blocking

As you can see by the absence of straps, I did indeed run out of yarn. However, I bought some navy blue ribbon yesterday, and I’m going to make straps out of that. I’m not the world’s best sewer, but I’m hoping that it works. We shall see.

Casting On

Tivoli Progress

I’ve cast on for the Tivoli in Ink Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. This yarn has been in my stash for about a year. It was originally purchased for the Chevron Rib Tank, but after reading some poor reviews of that pattern I used it to make about half of the Blue Sky Fitted Tank. I got gauge with Size 9 needles per the pattern directions, but I really didn’t like the fabric it created. This time, I’m using Size 8 needles, and the fabric is loverly. I did, however, have to completely rewrite the pattern, since Dyed Cotton has a worsted gauge and the pattern calls for a sport/DK gauge. It fits so far, but we’ll see how it goes.


I came home to find my Summer 2007 Interweave in the mailbox. I’ve already devoured it, of course, and I think there are at least two patterns are my most likely to succeed. So pretty.

I’ve also been ogling some yarns to create this:

I’d like to try the Karabella Zodiac that the pattern calls for, but the price is a little steep. So I’m also thinking about Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Wolverine Blue and Elann Sonata in French Navy. Any other suggestions for a reasonably priced yarn sub? I really don’t think I can stomach $40 for a tank top, lovely as it may be. Especially since I’m likely to purchase some Blue Sky Alpaca Silk today to start the Clementine Shawlette. Alpaca Silk is probably my favorite yarn, and I think this shawl would be a perfect birthday gift for my sister. I have to get it started soon though, as her birthday is coming up fast—June 3.


And finally, I picked this up yesterday at the Post Office. I have to say, it was not fun to compare the current passport photo with the one from 10 years ago. I’ll just have to remain focused on all the wisdom I’ve acquired, even if it has been accompanied by roughly 15 pounds and less resilient skin!


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Second Honeymoon

May 2, 2007 at 8:05 pm (FO, knitting)

We’re taking a trip to Mexico in a few weeks for a friend’s wedding. Since Matt is in grad school and I work full time, we’ve spent precious little time together lately. So as the trip falls on the tail end of Matt’s quarter and I’m finally taking a much needed break from work, we’re viewing it as a sort of second honeymoon.

It’s absolutely perfect that I will have this lovely item to wear . . .

Honeymoon Cami

Honeymoon Cami

Pattern: Honeymoon Cami
Source: Knitty

Materials: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% Pima cotton, 20% merino wooll) in Nymph, 2.5 skeins; Size 6 24″ circulars
Started: July 2006
Completed: April 30, 2007

I started this last summer, as I’ve stated previously, while on a vacation with Matt’s family. This was my second attempt at a garment, after a botched One Skein Wonder that ended up in the trash. I worked on it all through our travels to Georgia, the week spent on the boat, and the travels home. And then I was spent. The weather became colder, I became more interested in knitting hats, scarves and sweaters, we moved . . . the reasons it went on hiatus are many. But when I cleaned out my knitting basket last week I rediscovered it and finished it up in just one night.


There’s definitely something to be said for putting a project aside when you’ve just lost interest. As much as I’ve been trying to wrap up “loose ends” in my knitlist, I think that at the core, I knit because I love it. Not because I have to have whatever I’m making. So if I’m not enjoying a knit, I say put it aside and let it marinate. If you come back to it and love it again, wrap it up. If not, rip it out and find another project for the yarn. That being said, I’m really glad I finished this one, because I love it. It’s my first finished garment, actually, and even though the gauge is off (I didn’t yet know about swatching in the round last summer) it fits perfectly. Julia Trice, the designer, worked in some beautiful details that really make a difference in the simple design.

HoneymoonCami Detail2HoneymoonCami Detail1

I particularly liked her unconventional decreases and increases. She has a perfectly paired counterpart to the SSK. Going through the trouble of making her left decrease instead of the more common K2tog is worth the effort. I’ll likely use it in other knits; it’s really lovely.

So while it took a while to finish, this knit was definitely worth the wait, just as our trip and resulting one-on-one time will be for Matt and I.

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