June 16, 2007 at 12:10 pm (Inspiration, knitting, Work in Progress)

Or, How I Learned to Stop Casting On and Love the Prairie Tunic

I have cast on not one, not two, but three new projects this week. Only has survived. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Cast On #1: Lace Nightie

I’m usually pretty disciplined about my gauge swatches, but this time I did one of those “knit three or four rows and fudge it” maneuvers. Needless to say, once I’d finished the first pattern repeat, I had enough lace nightie to fit around my hips twice. It’s not pretty, but you’ll have to take my word for it. I’ll spare you the photo evidence. To the frog pond!

Cast On #2: Circular Shrug

Swatch for Circular Shrug

I’m aware that everyone made this two years ago. I sill want one. But right now? Meh. I just really don’t feel like knitting this. And you know why? I got distracted by the . . .

Cast On #3: Prairie Tunic

Oh my. That feels right.

Prairie Tunic WIP

Is it just me or are Rowan colors just the prettiest?I always balk at the price, but when I do spring for it, I’m just blown away. And I have to say that this pattern is just the perfect combination of interesting and easy-to-memorize and knit in front of the TV.


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Back in the Land of the Living

June 9, 2007 at 9:00 am (FO, knitting)

Ahhh . . . the big work event that had taken over my life for the last month-and-a-half finally happened this week. And it went really well!! Yay for me. And yay for my blog, because I actually have the time and powers of concentration to post again! Here’s my latest FO, Tivoli, or the fastest knitting T-shirt ever . . . .



Pattern: Tivoli
Source: Picovoli from Magknits by Grumperina

Materials: Blue Sky Dyed Cotton (100%cotton) in Ink, 3 skeins; Size 8 24″ circulars
Started: May 4, 2007
Completed: May 9, 2007

This only took five days to knit. Can you believe that? And I’m not one of those freakishly fast knitters either. Love you, worsted cotton. And the pattern? So addictive. Modifications were the straightforward gauge switch, and I did the matched increases and decreases from the Honeymoon Cami instead of the K2Tog/SSK. If anyone wants to knit this in worsted instead of the prescribed Sport weight, let me know, and I can send you my specs. Also, I went for the Tivoli version instead of Picovoli, as I didn’t want massive worsted weight picots.

I think part of the reason this went so fast was my extreme love for the Dyed Cotton on Size 8 needles. I’ve used this yarn before for the Fitted Tank pattern from Blue Sky, but it was on Size 9 needles and I absolutely hated it. Too loose and pilly. But on Size 8 needles, the yarn is divine. And it’s so comfortable to wear too. I can’t wait to try it for Flair.

In other knitting news, I’ve frogged the Clementine Shawl. The trip to Mexico ruined my mojo on it, and there was no way I’d finish it in time for my sister’s birthday. (She got Kiehl’s Original Musk instead, quite possibly the best smelling perfume oil on the planet. Not a bad trade I think!) Besides, I wasn’t too thrilled with the way the line of grafting looked across the back on the versions I was seeing out in blogland. And besides, I’m still really unpracticed at grafting, and figured my version would look worst, causing ridiculous amounts of knitting rage. Not. Worth. It. So it is frogged, and will likely become an Adamas Shawl or Shetland Triangle for her Christmas present.

On to the latest stash enhancement and current projects – I made some yarn purchases this week . . . which I feel is deserving as Ravelry has shown me that I have a really small stash in comparison to some! Must rectify that situation . . . .

Rowan 4-PlyElann Lara

Rowan 4 Ply Cotton in Steel Blue from Yarnmarket and Elann Endless Summer Lara in Burgundy for the Prairie Tunic and Orangina, respectively. Also, I got gauge for the Lace Nightie from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits in Paton’s Grace and immediately cast on. I’ll have some progress pics once it’s beyond the beginning stages.

Have a great weekend!

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