Harvesting Some FOs

October 30, 2007 at 6:53 pm (FO)

I really have no excuse for not blogging, I’ve been reading a lot, work has been busy…blah blah blah. As usual though, I have been knitting. I’ll throw out some FOs, that’s what we all want to see anyways, right? Right.

Just in time for Halloween or “Harvest Celebration” as my third-grade-teacher sister is forced to call it, a lovely pumpkin-shaded scarf. This was also done just in time for my dear friend’s birthday.

Misty Garden

Misty Garden

Pattern: Misty Garden
Source: Scarf Style

Materials: Morehouse Merino 3-Ply (100% merino wool) in pumpkin, 2 hanks; Size 8 SPs
Started: Late September 2007
Completed: October 21, 2007
I’m in love with Morehouse Merino. I happened upon it by chance at my LYS, spotting it from across the room and immediately recognizing it as the perfect color for my aforementioned friend. It’s very soft and buoyant and blocks very nicely. I can’t even imagine how lovely a whole sweater made of it would be. I’ll have to try out their laceweights next. Oh, and the pattern was simple and great. But I’m sure you knew that already since everyone and their sister has made it.

Coquette Lace Tube Top
Coquette Lace Tube Top

Pattern: Coquette Lace Tube Top
Source: Fitted Knits, Stefanie Japel

Materials: Cascade Pima Tencel (50% cotton, 50% tencel) in navy, 5 skeins; Size 5 24″ circulars
Started: July 2007
Completed: August 2007
This was a fast, fun knit, however the top is a bit too loose. If I were to do it again, I would probably go another size needle size down for the ribbing or do a tubular cast on. As it is, I will have to sew in some elastic thread, which won’t happen until I pull this out again next summer. I also feel a little va-va-voom in it, so outfit negotiations may have to be made before it’s worn out of the house!

That’s it for now, I’m in the thick of Christmas knitting, so I’ll give you an update on that soon. I’ve decided to just make shawls for the lovely ladies in my family this year – a Diamond Fantasy for Mom, and a Clapotis and Swallowtail for each sister. I’m also plugging away on a Gretel slouchy hat and the ever present Broad Street Mittens. Oh, and the Monkey socks. All I have left is to kitchener one toe, so once I get that done, hopefully before the second coming, I”ll be able to debut my very first completed socks.

You can also check this all out on Ravelry, where I’m listed as maureenwell. Stop in and say”hi” if you’re signed up.

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. adrienne said,

    Both projects are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. kim said,

    That tube top looks great on you! Love both of these FOs.

  3. Emily said,

    Nice FOs! I really like that tube top on you!

  4. JoJo said,

    I really like tube top..ah how can i get it like that..not easy to find here in Thailand.

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