Wolf Dressed in Alpaca & Silk

December 12, 2007 at 4:31 pm (knitting, Work in Progress)


Don’t be fooled by this innocuous looking shawl. I know it looks pretty and soft. But, like the Sirens, it lulls you into complacency with its easy bud lace pattern only to smash you into pieces with its evil little nupps.

So maybe it’s not that bad, but I’ve got to tell you, I’ve had enough of the shawl knitting. I have to get this done this week, if only to maintain my already weak grip on sanity. No…more…lace….

So, sadly, it’s look as if I’m going to have to give up the ghost on my mother’s Arctic Lace stole. If I really pushed myself, I might be able to get it done in a week but I really just don’t think I have it in me. Plus, I’m thinking it’s going to be on the short side. Sigh…

Luckily, when I was home on Sunday for my sister’s birthday my mother made a big fuss about my Gretel slouchy hat, and then bemoaned the recent hat and scarf purchase she had made. That planted the seed of abandoning the stole for something a bit more practical—a hat. If I have time, I’ll whip up a neck gaiter too. I can finish the stole for Mother’s Day, which eases any guilt I may feel.

I’m deciding between Le Slouch, Slouchy Copy Hat, Mary Jane’s Pithy Hat, and the Last Minute Purled Beret. They’re all fairly similar patterns, so it may very well be an amalgam of all of them. For the gaiter, I’m thinking Cherry Garcia, Tudora, or Kim’s Cashmere Neckwarmer. Hell, I may even just make something up. A simple knitted tube can’t be all that hard, can it? (Said the tired, crazy-eyed Christmas knitter as she picked up her pointy sticks.)



  1. Kim said,

    Ooh, I vote for Le Slouch, I’ve made it twice now. It looks great (uh, if I do say so) and is super fast.

  2. Emily said,

    Yes, I agree, too much of a good thing…..not good. Excellent save with the hat and scarf idea though! it will be perfect!

  3. jenna said,

    Sounds like a good plan! And to help ease your guilt, let me tell you that I bought a ring for my sister and when it arrived in the mail I loved it so much that I decided to keep it for myself. :/ Re-organizing the knitted gifts is a-ok in my book!

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