Tell Me Your Size, I’ll Knit You a Sweater

December 22, 2007 at 4:16 pm (FO, knitting)

Edith Piaf was a knitter. I just discovered this when I recently watched the wonderful movie that details her tumultuous and often tragic life, La Vie en Rose. The above quote was my favorite from the film. She and the man who would turn out to be the love of her life are discussing their interests outside of his and her work (boxing and singing, respectively). She tells him that she knits, and then says, “Tell me your size, I’ll knit you a sweater.” There are a number of other references to her knitting during the film as well, and I found it notable that it was enough of a part of who she was that it was woven into the plot of the movie. It was an every day, natural part of her life, much as it is for many of us. That they highlighted this made her, and by extension the film, all the more relatable to me. I highly recommend the movie, even if its subtitles don’t make it the most knitting-friendly film. Just tackle your most boring stretch of stockinette in the round and settle in.

Since her voice was known as the “soul of Paris,” I thought it only appropriate to use my mini-review as an introduction to the ever-so-chic Clapotis, which will (begrudgingly) be given to my sister as a Christmas present.


Pattern: Clapotis
Source: Knitty

Materials: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (50% wool/50%silk) in Rust, 2.5 hanks; Size 8 24″ circs
Started: Late October 2007
Completed: December 6, 2007

I know that everyone and their mother has made this, but I firmly believe that everyone and their mother, sister, best friend and aunt should have one. It’s that nice. I need one. And while it’s a whole lot of stockinette to take on, the thrill of dropping stitches every 12 rows carries you through.


I omitted the last increase row in the hopes of making a wide scarf more than a stole. This didn’t work, it still blocked out to about 20 inches across and roughly 70 (!!) inches long. I also used a DK/sport weight yarn with size 8 needles, where the pattern calls for worsted weight and the same size needle. This made for a drapier fabric; I think this is a nice effect. This sucker is huge, so I think that for a person with a small frame, like myself or my sister (seriously, it looks like you put normal-sized people in the dryer to create my family) the larger worsted weight version would overwhelm. What’s nice about this is that it is large enought to be worn thrown over the shoulders as a stole but it’s thin enough to comfortably wear it wrapped at the neck as a scarf. 

Can you believe that I’ve already posted more this month than I had in the last three? What can I say, I thrive on a deadline, and I’m too lazy to post most of the time unless I have an exciting FO or feel like showing off my shame for the multitude of things I keep on the needles at any given time! That being said, the FO parade will continue up until the holiday. I’m currently blocking Mom’s Le Slouch, and even though it felt like death was creeping up on me every time I picked it up, I just cast off the Swallowtail shawl this morning. I’ll begin blocking as soon a I wrap up the post. So now I’m back to selfish knitting, or, I could finish the three unfinished projects languishing in my basket. The possibilities are endless!



  1. travellersyarn said,

    Lovely. I really like the photos too.

  2. stitchywitch said,

    Ooh, it looks so elegant!

  3. kim said,

    It’s beautiful, and I just love your writing style. Merry Christmas!

  4. Emily said,

    Oh that came out gorgeous! I love the drapier look that the Silky Wool gives.

  5. nubiancraftster said,

    oh wow the Clapotis looks wonderful! And I agree, everyone should have one

  6. Julie said,

    Your Clap is stunning! Wow, what a great colour. I never knew Edith Piaf was such a big time knitter- your’e right, that does make her so much more relatable.

  7. Stef said,

    I’m dying to watch that movie now that you’ve leaked the knitting aspect. Almost picked it up last night– why, why did I hesitate? ^__^

    That’s a nice clap you’ve got there. Your sister is very lucky.

  8. Theresa said,

    That looks gorgeous. It’s definitely on my list for 2008. And yay for posting more!

  9. Knitting Archaeologist said,

    I was resolved never to make one of these…until I saw yours. The color, the drape. It’s too much to resist! My Ravelry cue is now one project longer:)

  10. Oksana said,

    I never knew that about Edith Piaf, either. The more reason to admire her, I guess! It must’ve been difficult for her to knit during the time she was blind.

  11. Barbara said,

    Check out Schaefer yarn “Elaine” in colorway “Edith Piaf.” Beautifully dyed yarn that makes me love it all the more because of all of the knitting references in “La Vie en Rose.”
    Beautiful Clapotis!

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