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February 2, 2008 at 3:56 pm (knitting, Work in Progress)

Yeesh I was a crab in my last post. Remind me not to post on Saturday mornings before finishing my first cup of coffee! I should always delay at least until the afternoon.

Anywhoo, I realized last week that the reason I’m a little discouraged knitting-wise right now is because I’ve once again let my WIPs build up. I don’t mind having a lot of things on the needles at once; I’m most certainly not a project knitter. I believe that this is my hobby, so I’ll knit what I want to, you know? But I still start feeling overwhelmed when I have too much going. And what better way to fight off the winter blues than with a little FO high, right? So with that in mind I’ve set out to make some progress on the two worst offenders in my WIP pile.

Broad Street Mittens
WIP Broad Street Mittens

Every time my husband sees me knitting something new, he says, “How are my gloves coming along honey?” Yeah. it’s a good thing I don’t find that annoying. At all. So yesterday, I sat down and knit the whole hand and most of the fingers on the second glove. This one really needs to be knocked off the list, since according to my records I cast on for this in January 2007. Yeah, you heard me right: 2007. Yikes.

Circular Shrug
WIP Circular Shrug

The problem here is that I really don’t enjoy the yarn (Caron Simply Soft – I was stashbusting) and the mock rib is reeeeeeeeelly boring. But I really want this one for my wardrobe. (Note: I won’t be picking out projects solely on this merit again.) I finished off the mock ribbing last night, so now I just have the five inches of 2X2 to finish, and then seaming. And while it’s boring, it was certainly nice to work on something I didn’t really have to pay attention to while watching Lost Thursday night.

Once these two are off the list, I’ll be able to turn back to my 28Thirty again. I’m just about done with the body, but I think I may knit the sleeves first and then see how long I can get the body with the amount of yarn I have. Here’s a little peak:
WIP 28thirty

And here’s a peak at the “travel” knit I’ve got going:

WIP Le Slouch #3

Another Le Slouch in Rowan Kid Classic, SmokeĀ for my sister and a co-worker.

And finally, Punxsutawney Phil is a jerk. But Happy Groundhog’s Day anyway!


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